XR0YG – Easter Island

Between 20-27 March 2013, a team of English hams was active from Easter Island on all bands 160m to 10m (CW only).

We ran the HF bands and also made efforts to get QSOs with Europe on 160m. We used Elecraft K3s, small PAs and vertical antennas. Electricity on Easter Island was subject to frequent blackouts which caused a few problems, but after our 6 days on the air we made 24,000 QSOs. Thank you!

Special thanks to RCCh

Radio Club de ChileOur friends and fellow radio hams at the Radio Club de Chile (RCCh) were invaluable in providing support to our operation, including licenses for the team members and expedition, as well as arranging special 30m permits for us. We are extremely grateful for their help.

We are delighted to help RCCh by making a donation of $500 for equipment and communications support that RCCh provides during natural disasters, such as earthquakes or tsunamis on islands such as Juan Fernandez and Easter Island.

Expedition members

  • Michael G7VJR – XR0YG team leader, low bands enthusiast. Creator of Club Log
  • Nigel G3TXF – World traveller and CW expeditioner, DX Hall of Fame member
  • John G4IRN – HF specialist, CW expeditioner, Voodoo Contest Group member
  • Martin G3ZAY – IOTA enthusiast and President of Cambridge University club G6UW

We do not require donations for this trip. However, other DXCC activations for much rarer entities depend heavily on your support. A great way to help put them on the air would be to join NCDXF. Another project that needs financial support is the running of Club Log (you can donate to Club Log here).

Banner photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/goron/67077854/ (Creative Commons)